Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas and New Year in Opua


 While Katie, our daughter,  was laid up in hospital in Cape Town having back surgery, and the rest of our various families were laying on their traditional fares, we too were planning our own bit of fun in Opua………

Steve and Chris all dressed up 
Bear, Brenda and other Rod with galley slaves in the background
 Chris and Steve, (Scott Free), our cruising buddies from Grenada to New Zealand, came up to join us for both celebrations, as did “other” Rod and Brenda, from “State of Mind”.

Bear and Pepe 

Pepe and Bear, hosted the Christmas do on “ Beez Neez”, pulling out all the stops….  and managed to clear enough space for the Whangerei guests to sleep over!
 The lunch began at about 11.30, with mandatory  Strawberry Daiqueries to start with…..over and over again….. and an Avocado Ritz starter, the Full Monty of turkey, stuffing, ham, roast potatoes, Brussel sprouts, et al, and finally an Aunty Mabel Xmas pudding with brandy butter!

All accompanied by a steady flow of assorted wines!

A week later New Years Eve was held on Sheer Tenacity, where the excesses continued. Starters of smoked salmon on rye, stuffed baby peppadews, sausage rolls, cocktail “hedgehogs” followed by a main course roast lamb with Greek salad, and herb roasted baby potatoes and mushrooms . Dessert was a New Zealand favourite, Hokey Pokey ice cream, with brandy snaps and fresh cherries. 

During 2014 Pepe submitted a collection of 10 of her best photographs to the Royal Photographic Society. She is now an LRPS (Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society). Handsome of Belize was one of her submissions and we will always treasure it and the privilege of participating in her selection. Congratulations, Pepe!

Pepe unveiling her fabulous gift to us......"Handsome of Belize"
Midnight saw champagne corks popping, a cheese platter to fill in the gaps, and a fireworks display over Russell!
Rod and Brenda stayed over on Sheer Tenacity, and breakfast on New Years day, not surprisingly, only got going at about lunch time!


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