Monday, August 7, 2017

Our return to RSA

                                                                    7 August 2017

This blog is dedicated to all our fellow cruisers and friends around the globe, who were saddened, and somewhat puzzled by our return to South Africa…..saddened to learn that Mary’s ticker had taken on an alarming and potentially dangerous new beat, cutting short our cruising lifestyle, and leading to us selling our beautiful Sheer Tenacity in Australia.
Puzzled also, by our decision to return to a South Africa, plunged into financial Junk Status, recession, corruption and crime, by an unethical, and evil President, motivated by self -enrichment rather than social upliftment, aided and abetted by an intimidated and compliant ANC government without the moral backbone, to stop him!

Our new home with Kate, in beautiful Cape Town, and the proximity to all those family and friends we left behind, were of course the main reason. Thankfully, Mary’s ticker is responding pretty well to the meds, although she does complain about having a “flat battery” at times!
But… the call of the bush, and the proximity to Africa’s unique wildlife goes a long way towards compensating for our desperate political situation. Having said that, the rest of the world is not a whole heap better off either….. at least we have this trump card, as opposed to a Trump!

Mary and I were lucky enough to be invited to join a group of 8 friends who had booked out the Java Camp for a week, within the Motswari Private Game Reserve in the Timbavati area adjoining, and open to the Kruger National Park.

The photo’s that follow are just a small sample of what we saw, and why Africa is still so special! 

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  1. So good to hear from you! What beautiful pictures!!I particularly love elephants.

    Glad to know that Mary is responding well to medication.

    Love to you both!