Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Rethink on Salvador

Gerfried Nebe had warned us that the swells at this time from the
Northern hems winter, made the anchorage rolly, and the landings
tricky. Well he was right! We finally manage to land on Monday, thanks
to being attacked by the Floating Aero fuel line which broke free, and
needed to be repaired. This meant work boats going between Pierhead
and fuel line past the yacht, and we were able to bum a lift. In a big
work boat with serious rope fenders all around, they dont mind driving
quite firmly into the jetty, hanging onto the ropes, to give one a
chance to alight. In ones own small rubber duck, it can be quite
hairy, and is obviously easier in the European summer months,without
the swells from the North. (I pleaded old age, coupled with divorce
threats to get the lift!)
It is a very special, and different environment -Like a Karoo
dorpie dropped into a marine paradise! We are surrounded by mating
Turtles, millions of Black Triggerfish, Frigate Birds, and Sooty
terns. I caught a nice 5kg Black Jack ( kingfish species), casting a
popper from the bow yesterday. The gamefish frequently are seen and
caught in the anchorage, as come in search of smaller prey.
Incidently, for those of you who know Tom Morgans South Atlantic
Circuit guide, it should be noted that his position for North Point on
Ascension is incorrect. It should be 14.22.7 W, and not 14.02.7W. You
won't hit anything, but might question your nav skills!
Now that the Cape to Bahia race is on, we think that Salvador
might be pretty crowded with yachties, and moorings at a premium. We
have decided to sail from here to Rio instead, so that we can spend
more time in the Baia de Ilha Grande. (We might even check in directly
at Angra dos Reis.) We will leave the boat there, or Parati, when we
fly back to SA in March/April, and will then day hop up the coast
during their winter, when the current is slower, and the winds more
condusive to passages up the Brazilian coast. We would like to call in
at Buzios, Archipelgo dos Abrolhos,Camamu Bay,Ilha de Tinhare, and
obviously include Salvador and Cabadelo. We then also have the chance
of doing the Recife to Fernando de Noronha race in September, which is
as good a route around the bulge as one can ask for! In addition, one
gets free mooring and entry on the Isle for a week, which has now
become quite seriously expensive!Thereafter, we would head for
Fortaleza, and plan the next steps from there, towards the Carribean.
Last note on Ascension. Bakery closed due to illness. A frozen loaf
of bread in the only shop costs 2.30pounds, and a Windhoek lager
1.05pounds ! Thank goodness I can bake bread, cos this place calls for
a beer at sundowner time!
Next blog en route to Rio!

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