Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fatu Hiva!!!

Hi Guys,
              Anchored in very spectacular Hanavave, Bay of Virgins etc, in torrential rain, after a tough squall filled night. In fact the squalls gave us such a hurry on, that we arrived 2 hours before dawn, and had to nerd around in the rain, with 4 other boats also looking to get in and anchor. We have just changed out of our 2nd or 3rd set of sodden clothing, and are going to sit down with a bowl of hot porridge, and a cup of coffee laced with rum, to celebrate our arrival in the very wet, but very beautifull looking, Fatu Hiva! We have anchored in the shallow section (22 mts), and put out every inch of our 60mts chain, The whole bay is chocolate brown, and filled with floating coconuts, branches etc, washed down by the rivers. Cant wait to see it in a pristine clean state, but that can wait! After breakfast... its a loooooong sleep! The 3018 miles took us 20 days and 18 hours, and it was, and will be,  the longest sail we will ever do in our lives!
 Cheers for now! Love and regards, a tired  but chuffed, Sheer Tenacity crew! 

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  1. Wow what an accomplishment! We were just congratulating ourselves on getting from the VI's to Massachusetts in the US, 1500 miles. It seems like nothing compared to your jaunt. Great to see everything went so well, you've earned your miles!
    Lynn and Steve