Friday, June 14, 2013

Fatu Hiva................. an island not visited by many folk................

Our first look at the Bay of Virgins.............the yacht in the foreground is "Frieda" which later dragged anchor and hit us as well as two other boats. She had a smashing time!!

This is what Sheer Tenacity's waterline looked like after her 3000+ mile voyage! A fast passage does not stop the weed and gooseneck barnacles from growing.

This small waterfall longside us became a raging muddy torrent after the heavy rains that welcomed us.

French customs were also anchored in the bay. We were boarded shortly after dropping the hook. Cruising yachts are really supposed to make landfall at Hiva Oa as there is no check in facilities here. Nevertheless the boarding party were courteous and friendly and had "no problem" with us. Our ripped mainsail was our excuse if they had made a fuss.

A group of local people performed for the Arranui which visits regularly with supplies and a few paying passengers. We were ashore for the show. The dancers decorate their hair with leaves and flowers.

Showing off her "tatts" and she could really move those hips!!

 The church is dwarfed by the magnificent backdrop.

A roadside shrine made from leaves and flowers.

A quaint little house tucked away in lush vegetation with woven walls.

When the sun finally appeared days later, we could see why Hanavave is considered one of the most beautiful anchorages in the world.

A walk up to the waterfall, but we didn't make it the whole, humid and lots of biting things!


 A petroglyph spotted on our way back to the village

The tiki overlooking the little harbour.

Leaving Fatu Hiva en route to Hiva Oato check in


  1. Wow! Majestic looking mountains

  2. Hi Guys, Skylark and crew here... It all looks Great with a good touch of reality thrown in! We're following you (the blog) with hopes of making it west too. How do you think Luna would like it??