Thursday, June 13, 2013

Passage Galapagos to Marquesas pics

Cockpit looking very organised at the outset of our trip with Scott-Free in the distance.

Heading west. First sunrise at sea. Always a welcome sight on Mary's watch!

A light supper and a glass of wine on a rare calm evening. We've started having our main meal at midday and it works well for us.

The night's "road kill" collected off the side decks. Rod found that adding a squid or a flying fish fillet to the lure increased our fishing success!

Double Dorado strikes within seconds of each other.

The wear and tear of the miles begins to show. This damage probably contributed to the sail ripping from leach to luff a day or two later.

The remains of the main, luckily it ripped just below the third reef. We were able to sail with 3 reefs for the remaining 1500 miles of the journey!

This was our sail configuration for most of the remaining passage......on the starboard (right for landlubbers!) is the genoa held out on a 6 metre pole. On the port is an old No 3 hank on sail that we've never used before on the third forestay we fitted in Trinidad a few months ago, held out on a smaller pole. The damaged main is midships to minimise rolling.

"Jocko" also came to the rescue and we had some lovely calm sailing.

Jocko as seen from Scott-Free..............a carefully planned photo shoot!

AIS shows Scott-Free on our chartplotter, in position to take these photos. Check the speed!!

The wind started picking up to 20 knots and so it was time to trip Jocko and revert to our poled out headsails. It was fun while it lasted! 

A stunning new moon with Jupiter is good!

More repairs needed on the fragile mainsail......stickyback to the rescue.

The scene that unfolded at first light, after waiting for hours for the dawn and the squalls to pass.

Landfall in paradise! Hanavave Bay (Bay of Virgins), Fatu Hiva, the most easterly island in the Marquesas.

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  1. Love the dorados!
    Great pictures, I was looking forward to seeing them, thanks!